Sound Yoga Cheese & Wine

Friday 28th February 6-8pm

It’s time to do something special for YOU, float away with the fairies and re-connect to inner self.

yin yoga- floor poses held for 3-5 minutes, allowing the fascia, muscles & joints to lengthen and release

THINK hands on adjustments in every pose, helping your body drop a little deeper and completely surrender

THINK essential oil mini head massage

THINK yoga nidra- a complete body scan to put you in a state of hypnogogic sleep for deep rest

THINK crystal singing bowls humming for the entire class, allowing your brain waves, breathing and heart beat to slow down and rejuvenate

THEN THINK cheese boards, chocolate, herbal tea and complimentary Watershed Red Wine

Max 16 spots available
Early Bird till midnight 14th Feb 2020 $34
Normal ticket price $41

For those of you who attended the Cheese Wine & Yoga event in January, remember to use the special code to receive your 10% discount 
(Pssst! Your friends can use the code too!)

Who is teaching?

Kathryn Chivers YTT220
Vinyasa, Yin & Aerial Yoga Teacher
Reiki Healer
Sound Facilitator in training
Legally Blind, Illegally Awesome.

Claire South YTT232
Vinyasa, Yin & Kids Yoga Teacher
Background in dance and sports science
Lover of all things movement and mindfulness

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