Hello, I am Kat

Legally blind and illegally awesome!
(Retinitis Pigmentosa- Google it!)

I bailed on the 9-5 in 2018 after a universal kick up the backside.

Two years later I’m trained in Vinyasa, Aerial, Sound Facilitating and Reiki- the perfect tool kit to build a community of like minded, kind and zen individuals.

With many events, classes and a retreat up my sleeve, my long term goal is to become a yoga therapist so I can learn and share more about the magic and science of yoga to those who seek it.

Practicing yoga gets me out of my head and into my body, where I remember my strength, beauty and pleasure. Teaching it allows me to give that to others, and hold space for their self healing.

Come to a class and check out, move, stretch and breathe again.